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A Salam Aleikom Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakhatu.

English Noble Quran/Koran


This is the English Language Internet version of the Noble Quran, the religious book of the Muslim Religion.


This is my humble html coding of a Freeware English Quran posted to ftp site. I recommend you download the files over there, complementing these html files. They are nicely programmed, and you could also do it searching by topics, entering any keyword.

Here simply point your favorite browser to the 0.htm, the index page, and from there, select the desired Surah (chapter). Anytime you can go back to the index page at the end of each Surah.


Please be free to distribute this Quran English Html Internet Edition to as many people and internet sites as possible, with the only condition you shouldn’t get paid for it.

Enhancements ideas

I would like to make a Java programmed Quran using this files. If you think can help me to do this, it will be most welcomed, as my knowledge of the Java programming language is not great. Another possibility could be to add recitation to each verse, under Java, and even though this is a really difficult task for me actually, I think it is realistically posible. Your help is most welcomed.

May Allah bless you all.

Ma Salama,

Omar Ahmed

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