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Some tools and sites for beginners, others for the HTML expert also.

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Use LiveImage to make clickable image maps in 5 minutes. Try it for 14 days. It even writes your code.
You like animated GIFs? This site has a fine copyright-free collection.
Another good collection of animated GIFs.
Anglefire offers a large collection of animated GIFs.
Search for images and sound files among those provided by Lycos.
The Bare Bones Practical Guide to the HTML Web language.
Consult the Bare Bones annotation.html for detailed explanations.
Detailed Web page construction help with many references on the Web to pursue matters further.
Another good basic guide to the HTML Web language.
This is a good basic interactive guide to HTML, Java, CGI, etc.
An excellent guide to the HTML Web language.
Want to know about XML - Extensible Markup Language? Will it replace the HTML Web language? for Web authoring and graphics helps.
From ZDnet, a page of products, tips and tools for HTML and XML Web languages.
Use Dr HTML to check and correct the HTML code errors on your Web pages.
Siteinspector: An excellent help in that it checks your code, compatibility, load time, links, etc.
A must read if you want you Web pages to be found. How Search Engines work and the Importance of your Metatags and how to do them.
Go a bit further if you really want you Web pages to be indexed. Use Dr Clue’s Meta HTML Guide together with the Meta-Maker.
Check the fine Web resources available from LinkExchange, especially the hit counter and Listbot., the self-proclaimed Ultimate Bookmark for Web Site Owners.
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