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Our CDM Texts on the Web, including Pilgrim’s Progress.
CDM-Australia’s Christian Resources at Sydney, home of the 2000 Olympics. Mainly apologetic material.
Thousands of Christian resource sites and servers.
Institute for Christian Leadership site -- including Web resources, Missions guide, Early Church Documents on line, a software library, and Directory of Organisations and Educational Institutions, etc. for Christian Software at discount, including BibleWorks Hermeneutika.
Navigator Discipleship Training Books.
Who are the Navigators? Their work and beliefs.
The Goshen home page - A Christian portal site.
The Gospel Communications Network Resources Page - over 110 members.
Tough Guys presentation of the Gospel.
The Campus Crusade for Christ site with links.
The Baker Book House site for Christian books.
The Great Christian Books discount house site.
Christian Net Surfing Resources from the Leadership Forum.
Bible Based Cults and Isms page.
Cult Awareness and Information Centre links to resources on other Cults and Religions.
Watchman’s Fellowship with links and resources on 1100 cults religions.
Christian Research Institute, a major Christian apologetics and cult awareness organization. Archive of Christian Research Journal and CRI’s newsletter. Unofficial site.
Christian Research Institute articles search page to help find information on different sects and cults.
Christian Research Institute, official site.
The RELIGIUM Religious Studies Center site covering Christian history, Mormonism, Judaism and Islam, Anglicanism as well as a smattering of other world religions. Thorough, and includes a fair amount of unique material. Also provides links on Philosophy, History and Historiography.
Yahoo! links page on the Mormon religion.
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